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Injuries Can Be Extensive

Tractor Trailer accidents can cause devastating and sometimes fatal injuries. ABG can help victims who have been injured in accidents involving tractor-trailers and commercial trucks.

We also represent families who have lost loved ones in commercial vehicle accidents.

ABG methodically investigates the circumstances surrounding tractor trailer accidents to protect your rights. We vigorously advance your claim in court ensuring that the at-fault party is held responsible to compensate you for your injuries.

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Every Case Is Unique

ABG understands that the life-altering changes experienced by personal injury victims are often extremely traumatic. These changes are unique to each circumstance and can have disastrous effects on families and caregivers. We take a personalized approach to completely comprehend the changes in your life following a tractor trailer accident in order to make sure you are compensated appropriately.

We know this is a stressful time. We will fight on your behalf; your sole focus should be on your recovery.

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No Matter The Cause, ABG Is With You

Tractor Trailer accidents can be caused by operator error or a mechanical deficiency. Accidents often happen on highways at high speeds. Common mechanical deficiencies include poor maintenance, defective parts, lose or falling debris, brakes, or equipment. Truck drivers can also recklessly operate their trucks due to fatigue, poor training, speeding, poor visibility, road rage, inexperience, distracted driving (texting), or use of alcohol and drugs.

We have successfully obtained settlements and judgments for victims who have been involved in a wide range of accidents. ABG takes great pride in providing exceptional client service and aggressive advocacy.

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