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Our firm is dedicated to helping others during difficult times.

Our primary practice areas are personal injury law and family law. There are no other areas of law more personal than these. Debbie has dedicated her 37 year career to guiding and counseling her clients as they navigate the unique challenges they face in family law matters. George and Emily work entirely in the personal injury field with over 50 years of combined experience helping those who are hurt. In Chris' first couple years, his practice has focused primarily on matters involving personal injury. He has found helping people recover from a traumatic event, such as a car accident, to be extremely rewarding. Going forward, Chris intends to continue practicing personal injury, as well as expand his practice into matters of family law, such as child custody and divorce proceedings.

Skilled Representation

At Albiston Brannon & Gilbert, PLLC, we are skilled litigators and mediators, capable of using either approach to get the best result. We draw on a rich file of case histories to identify winning strategies for our clients whether it be through settlement or litigation.



We have dedicated our practice to family and personal injury law, and we see clients during some of the most difficult times in their lives. We understand that divorce and personal injury can be devastating to the entire family. We take great satisfaction helping clients get their lives back on track.

Superior Client Service

At Albiston Brannon & Gilbert, PLLC, our clients receive personal attention from the beginning to the completion of their cases. We are accessible and responsive, answering questions and returning calls promptly.


Practice Areas

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Personal Injury

Our Testimonials

  • I heard about the law firm from my brother and am so thankful he recommended them to me. I was not expecting to get any compensation from my claim, so the attorneys who handled my case definitely surpassed my expectations! I was also impressed by the responsiveness of the attorneys. They returned my calls promptly and the staff in the office was kind and extremely helpful.
    – Susan
  • Debbie Albiston saved my life! She is the absolute best attorney anyone could ever have. I am eternally grateful for all that she did to save me and my three children.
    – Patricia
  • They kept me informed throughout the entire process. It was nice knowing they actually cared about my well being.
    – Morgan S.
  • I have complete trust when working with Emily. She handled my case perfectly and kept me well informed. Any questions or concerns that I had was answered by Emily. She guided me through the case and put my mind at ease.
    – Aimee
  • Emily Brannon is not just a terrific attorney, she is also a very caring person that places her clients needs as a top priority.
    After being involved in a automobile accident in 2007 and not being to resolve the situation myself, I began the search for a personal injury attorney, when no other attorney would take my case because it wasn't open and shut, Emily took it on and fought for me all the way to court with favorable results.
    In May 2009 when my nephew was killed in an auto accident, due to the negligence of several bars that served an under age minor and then allowed him to drive, I knew that she was the attorney for the case. Within a 24 hours of my call to her she was in Winston Salem, NC with her investigator working the case and by October 2009 had successfully won the case and helped my family to gain some closure.
    I would highly recommend Emily Brannon to anyone with a need for her services.
    – Catherine
  • If you want a great attorney that treats you with respect, Mr. Albiston should be your choice. He is there for you anytime, he returns phone calls in a timely manner. You never feel like a number. He takes the worry away, handles everything so you don't have to be concerned. He is understanding and compassionate through your difficult time. I can't thank him and his staff enough for all they did for me. The outcome was better than I ever thought it would be. Needless to say I highly recommend George Albiston.
    – Sharon
  • Emily was very efficient in our first meeting and got me a good settlement in a timely manner. She returned my calls promptly and everyone at the office was courteous and helpful. I would recommend Emily to others and if I need an injury attorney again, I will definitely use her services.
    – Carolyn
  • I was seriously hurt in an auto accident and needed help. I was referred to and spoke with Emily Mapp Brannon. She knew the law and was happy to answer all of my questions. Emily was always there when I had a concern. The staff was pleasant and professional. I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case.
    – Cruz
  • Emily goes beyond the call of duty. She is very knowledgeable in her field and very responsive, personable, and enthusiastic about her work. I had contacted another attorney to ask about my case and there appeared to be little interest. However, Emily was very helpful in guiding us through what we needed in order to come out with a favorable decision. Highly recommend.
    – Bob T.
  • Mr. Albiston and his office staff were an anchor for our family during a tumultuous time after our son was hit by a drunk driver. He impressed us with much understanding of the head injury, read a ream of medical reports, aided the whole family in our shock of the situation and was amazingly creative with detailed negotiations on a very complicated case. He covered every detail and then some. He worked tirelessly for us and advised us like our son was his son. We can't thank him enough.
    – Michael & Laurie C.
  • Debbie Albiston was my lawyer for my child custody case in which I won custody of my son. Debbie is a master at her craft and the best lawyer/adviser I could have asked for. Her knowledge, as well as her courtroom presence, is second to none. A friend was surprised Mrs. Albiston was my lawyer because "she only represents women". This could not be further from the truth. I've needed Debbie off and on since 2015 and she has been there for me every step of the way. I highly recommend Debbie Albiston.
    – Daniel
  • Extraordinarily capable... very detail oriented... well prepared for all judicial hearings... outstanding communication skills. I am grateful & proud to highly recommend Debbie.
    – John
  • I hurt my back in a car accident. Emily got every penny I needed to recover without stress of the day to day.
    – Beth B.
  • I would call her office and she would be Prompt and help me resolve my legal challenges. Very professional and personable, Trustworthy would highly recommend to anyone needing legal services. She is a thoughtful caring and knowledgeable Attorney. Thanks for all your help. Mrs Brannon
    – Lisa
  • Debra Albiston was terrific from the first time we met when I was seeking advice on divorce. She had been recommended to me by a good friend. She listened to everything I said, asked very good questions so that she could really understand my circumstances. She was not afraid to pursue any route that I wanted for my separation and subsequent divorce. She got back to me quickly throughout the 2 years that I used her services, whether it was by phone or email. She was very personable, very professional and I knew that if my case needed to go to the courtroom, that I would come out ahead. Luckily, everything was settled out of court, but I knew she was do more that support me in front of a judge. I have recommended her services to several people who have found themselves in my situation.
    – Kim
  • My personal injury suit fell under the category of "premisses liability". I was told up front that premisses liability suits can be difficult. The owner and/or employees of the establishment where the injury took place often attempt to cite negligence on the part of the injured party in order to avoid accepting liability. My case was no exception. Because Emily was very open, honest and up front with me about what to expect, I was prepared for everything that we confronted along the way. I always had the definite sense that I was well represented and was impressed with Emily's knowledge and professionalism. She always addressed my questions and concerns in a timely and thorough manner. And, in the end, the settlement was more than fair and exceeded my expectations.
    I will hopefully never need the services of a personal injury layer again! But if I do, I will know exactly where to turn.
    – Sharon
  • I contacted Chris Albiston about a speeding ticket I received in 2019. Chris and his team did an excellent job of reviewing my case and exploring all avenues possible for my situation. After my consultation I felt very comfortable and reassured that he would provide me the best possible result. In court, not only was Chris well prepared & professional but he was also extremely knowledgeable. I could tell he was truly fighting to help me in the best way he could. He ultimately helped me get my ticket dismissed. I was exceedingly pleased with my experience and would highly recommend Chris to anyone seeking professional advice.
    – Robert
  • Debbie Albiston came by way of a friend’s recommendation when needing guidance and representation in a divorce. Prior to meeting with Debbie, I had consulted with other attorneys looking to identify one that I felt would best be able to address my circumstances. During our initial meeting I found Debbie to be very approachable. She first listened then asked the needed questions such that it allowed her assess my situation and layout and clearly explain the possible paths for proceeding forward. The way in which she worked with me to ensure this matter unfolded in a very straight forward manner that aligned with my desires reassured me that she was the correct choice. While I’m sure my situation did not require anywhere near the level expertise she and her firm possess, it was reassuring knowing it was available if needed. Her professionalism and easy to talk to approach made the entire process as stress free as could be expected. Her guidance in how best to approach and obtain a conclusion that was both timely and cost-conscious in the near and long term was appreciated and of great value. I would highly recommend Debbie to anyone in need of similar services.
    – Anonymous
  • Emily and Jim worked tirelessly on my case. There were many difficulties with my case because the defendant driver could not be found. Despite those issues, Emily and Jim were able to settle my case for $225k. I would highly recommend family and friends to Emily or Jim.
    – Jane
  • Debbie came highly recommended and completely lived up to her impressive reputation. She represented me in a very complex and contentious divorce. As my attorney, Debbie was extremely detail-oriented, professional, ethical, moral, always well-prepared and clearly an expert in Virginia family law. When I needed an attorney to stand up for me, she was there. I have so much respect for her and can never thank her enough----that was definitely money well-spent!
    – Pat
  • When my husband was injured in the line of duty, the nature of some of his injuries was not readily apparent. As we awaited the final diagnosis of his condition, we needed help and advice. Several legal firms advised us to wait until we had more information before they would assist us. This was not the case with George Albiston. Without his help my husband and I would have been lost in medical and legal paperwork. George and his staff were always available to answer our questions and provide support and advice. It was comforting to know that George had experience working with injured clients, and his manner was always kind, reassuring and confidant. I have recommended George to several friends, and will continue to do so. George has integrity, compassion and keen intelligence.
    – Carol
  • I first met Emily in 2010 during a rough time shortly after my accident. She took on my case and referred me to great doctors who've helped me along the way. It's now 2015 and Emily has handled two of my cases! Thanks Emily for everything.
    – Dominique
  • I highly recommend Emily Mapp Brannon, who helped me settle a case earlier this year. She genuinely cares about helping others no matter how big or little the case may be. She was always available to answer questions and I never got her voicemail. She is a great lawyer with a passion for helping others.
    – Lucy